More on Novak, Matt & Judy

novak.184.jpgAs first reported here yesterday, CNN’s Ed Henry gave an obviously uncomfortable Bob Novak a well-deserved and long-overdue grilling yesterday on Valerie Plame, Matt & Judy. The NYT’s Jacques Steinberg picks up the story today:

“Mr. Novak has chosen to maintain his silence about his role in the inquiry despite persistent demands from some journalists, as well as others in the Washington establishment, that he at least disclose whether he had received a subpoena in the case and, if so, how he had responded to it.”

Former Capital Gang colleague Al Hunt weighed in too: “It does beg the question why Matt and Judy, and not Bob…. It’s just so confusing to citizens and people in our business. If Bob could provide some context, I think it would be helpful.”

So how about it Bob? Even William Safire wants some answers.

> The New York Times also has a round-up of yesterday’s court appearance, including that Cooper/Miller might face only a maximum of 120 days in jail, not 18 months as feared.

> Mary Ann Akers in Roll Call offers some details about a possible Bob Novak-Harry Reid showdown. After the Prince of Darkness took a swing at the minority leader, the Nevada Dem’s team shot back: “Harry Reid is a former boxer who stands up for the little guy and isn’t afraid to take on cowardly lightweights.”