More on Hendrie’s Move

KFI Programming Coordinator Christie Parks said this in an email responding to a loyal Phil Hendrie listener who was disappointed in the decision to move him to XTRA 570, KFI’s sister sports station.

We thought that Hendrie’s show would be a perfect fit for XTRA 570. He tends to do well with men 25 – 54 and that is the station’s primary demo. Also, he had been on KFI AM 640 for so many years, many of our listeners grew tired of his format; the general concensus[sic] was that they were bored and wanted more news/political talk shows.

In addition, the decision to move John Ziegler after John & Ken’s show made perfect sense in our eyes since their formats are similar and many Coast to Coast fans wanted Noory back at an earlier time. They spoke, and we listened.

To paraphrase: KFI thinks people who like sports (e.g. the XTRA audience) will like Hendrie more than people who like right-wing gab-fests (e.g. the KFI audience).