More on Edelman and Linden Lab


Linden Lab, creators of 3D virtual world Second Life, has selected Edelman as the company’s agency of record and the deal should be announced in a few weeks, a source told PRNewser last week.

In a new revelation, blogger Doug Thompson points out that Edelman recently hired Kristen Mitchel, “who was one of the chief contacts on the Lab’s business when she was at Lewis.” Lewis PR is Linden Lab’s current agency of record.

“Whether her move to Edelman contributed to the decision, whether she’ll work on the account under the new agency banner, or whether the idea of ‘fresh blood’ really means that remains to be seen,” wrote Thompson.

Catherine Smith, Director of Marketing and Communications at Linden Lab, told PRNewser last week that the company “has worked with LEWIS PR in the US and several international markets since 2006. We’ve recently completed an agency review, but are not ready to announce any changes to our agency of record at this point.”

A source said the contract is worth $1 million. Linden Lab declined to comment on the figure. Edelman could not immediately be reached for comment.