More Non-News About ‘The Great Jonathan Ive Succession Plan’


Here’s one we really love that we’ve felt we’ve read a million times over the last year, at least since however many months ago it was since the iPhone came out and everyone proclaimed it to be the second coming: “One Step from the Top, Essex Boy Who Reached Apple’s Core.” Beyond the punny headline, the story from the Times in the UK questions whether or not Jonathan Ive will succeed Steve Jobs in the top spot at Apple. The answer: a definite “um, we’re not sure…but, uh, maybe?” It’s got some interesting tidbits and quotes, but it’s also full of some unintentionally funny lines that are par for the course when trying to write about the secret world of designing for Apple, like such:

Mr Ive works in complete secrecy — many Apple employees are not allowed inside his studio — with a dozen or so staff, all of whom earn more than $200,000 a year. His team, which includes a German, an Italian and a New Zealander, is said to come up with some of its best ideas while sitting in the studio’s kitchen eating pizza. Like his boss, and like employees of Apple’s retail stores, Mr Ive turns up to work every morning in jeans, trainers, T-shirt and polo neck sweater.

What?! Eating pizza?! Wearing jeans?! A New Zelander?! What is going on with this guy? He’s insane!