More Movement At LA Metromix

armmm.jpgLA Metromix is gathering quite the army, gobbling up journalists and freelancers the way some other Tribune Co. joints slough them off.

Our friends at the nightlife Web site tell us they’re now looking for even MORE writers to contribute to the restaurant/dining blog, as well as interns to build listings databases and do some administrative work.

So, if you’re hungry for gigs (and free meals) give these guys a shout at

Press Release follows:

We’re looking for bloggers to contribute to the restaurant/dining blog. Candidates should expect to submit 1-2 pieces a day. Though it would be ideal for them to be knowledgeable about the LA restaurant scene as a whole, we’re looking for a diverse group of niche writers who are passionate about food and are willing to scour the streets for news that would speak to the 20s set. Bloggers would also have the opportunity to pick up additional editorial features. Resumes and/or queries can be sent to

We’re also looking to staff interns who would gain experience in all aspects of web production. Duties may include, but will not necessarily be limited to:

·Contributing to special projects (i.e., helping to build listings database)

·Contributing content to site (i.e., researching, reporting, writing and/or taking photos for articles)

·Assisting editors (i.e., fact-checking, emailing/calling publicity contacts for review material as needed, passing along story ideas, etc.)

·Assisting in editorial production (i.e., putting editorial content in proprietary tool)

·Assisting in photo production (i.e., pulling assets from publicity sites, editing for our formats, inputting into proprietary tool)

·Assisting in other multimedia-related production (help with trailers, photo galleries, sound clips, hyperlinks, etc.)

·Administrative work (i.e., sorting and posting mail, making copies, processing paperwork, etc.)

Interns who have successfully completed their term will receive college credit.