More Movement At City Paper

From an email sent yesterday by Erik Wemple:

    From: Erik Wemple
    Date: November 21, 2006 5:15:25 PM EST
    Subject: Jamieson: Outta Here

    Dear Staff: It is with some fatigue that I announce the imminent departure of Staff Writer Dave Jamieson from the staff of the Washington City Paper. Can you say crippling blow? Yes, this hugely productive staff writer who’s the only journalist in the modern epoch to get a quote out of journophobe Tommy Robinson will be taking flight sometime in the early months of 2007. He has a book contract and will be devoting full time to that. Our archives tell the story of Jamieson’s work better than I can. The Smith profile, the story of the Robinson family plot off Logan Circle, the Daniel Cortes saga, the Capitol Hill burglary crew–they’re all classics. And don’t forget about the more recent DL, when he found people at D.C. housing projects who get reprimanded for loitering through loudspeakers operated by drones at suburban offices. Unreal.

Is this a deluge?