More Minutiae, It’s Been That Kind Of January Edition

  • I think one of these days Tim Russert might drive Arianna Huffington completely bonkers. You can almost hear her shouting at the TV screen this week. [HuffPo]
  • Jack Shafer somehow discovered that “” was an authorized site designed by…Justin Berry, the young man at the center of Kurt Eichenwald‘s online porn investigation. Whoa. Shafer and Eichenwald had agreed to disagree about how involved Eichenwald ought to have been in Berry’s life; in this instance, Eichenwald said “In the same circumstances, I’d probably do it again.” Still, it feels a little more uncomfortable this time. [Slate]
  • Who’s the most awful person in Canada? This woman gets my vote. [NYT]
  • Jay Rosen can cut the media some slack for getting the mining story so horribly wrong; he blames “confusion, exhaustion, human emotion and poor decision-making by company officials.” What he can’t fathom – or stomach – is how people who got it wrong refuse to acknowledge any culpability for that fact. Anderson Cooper, Jon Klein, he’s talking to you. “Unavoidable?” No, no matter how much you want to believe in hearsay, and hope. [PressThink]