More From the Roger Ailes Profile in Esquire

It’s snowing in the city again. That should be enough to annoy the hell out of you, but maybe you have an amazing jacket that keeps you warm despite the weather.

For those of you who aren’t annoyed today, this will do the trick: Tom Junod at Esquire has released transcripts that were taken from his talks with Roger Ailes. FishbowlNY had to share because we don’t like being alone in our misery. Some highlights:

He thinks Fox offers a wide array of viewpoints:

You have to be able to allow both points of view. Look at MSNBC. They have nobody on that doesn’t agree with them. Nobody. I never see anybody who disagrees with them. I don’t know whether their egos can’t handle it or whether they’re… I don’t get it.

He thinks CNN can do a slightly better job:

What the hell’s she doing up there? Look at that print on CNN. Look at that board. You can’t see shit… you can’t see anything. You see that? Now that’s just crazy. Director should have cut away from that shot. Bad shot.

His assistant is Jason Bourne:

She can look at a room of people and say, ‘Watch the fourth guy on the left. He hates your guts.’ Oh, she can read a room. She goes in and she’s very friendly and asks if they want coffee or something, and they think she’s the secretary but she’s reading the room before I go in.