More Companies Bringing PR In-House?

With budget planning season on the horizon, ZDNet takes a look at whether companies should take their PR in-house or seek outside agency help.

“The question of in-house PR versus hiring an agency is a much trickier question today than it ever used to be,” writes Jennifer Leggio. “PR as a function has changed and PR agencies should no longer be simply operating as strict media relations / press release development / ‘insert tactic here’ outlets.”

Many firms have developed capabilities far beyond what’s described here. However, Leggio continues, the issue is with collaboration across the client’s business.

“The thing is, that in many companies the cross-functional collaboration required for today’s progressive communications is easier to achieve by internal teams, versus agencies that might only work with one business unit. While many agencies are still able to do this well a slew of others are still focused on baseline media relations programs,” she adds.

Leggio points out the trend toward hiring digital agencies and the “struggle” for firms redirecting their efforts towards digital.