More Bad News for Prince Harry

Prince Harry has a bit of a PR problem—and it doesn’t look like it will get any better any time soon. In addition to the now-famous nude photos, “British PR guru” Max Clifford reported last week that a couple of women had approached him with “more material” on the man who happens to be third in line for the crown.

Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun already chose to ignore the royal family’s request to avoid publishing any photos that depict the prince in a…compromising position–and this move seems to pave the way for other tabloids to go ahead and spread the dirt around.

Today, Murdoch’s favorite American publication, the always-classy New York Post, gives us some more damning details: An anonymous “eyewitness” told RadarOnline that the party in question involved a bit more than alcohol, claiming that certain attendees were “snorting cocaine” and “rolling on shrooms”–sounds fun! Conveniently, the same nameless source notes that the prince was “not seen using any illegal substances.” Again, we’re a little bored by this story, and we can’t see how it will amount to much in the long term; Harry will never be king anyway.

But we have to ask, PR pros: How would you address this growing scandal if you were representing the royal family? Should the prince and his relatives fight these charges aggressively or shrug them off? Does anyone really care?

We hope he at least enjoyed himself while he could.