Money for Love, Art Love


An interesting bit of information from earlier in the week: Art4Love, a site which was previously dedicated to selling individual pieces of art and semi-expensive reproductions of things by more famous artists, jumped onto the stock meal ticket by opening up all of its 35,000 images to licensing. If you look through their catalog, you wonder if it’s really such a great idea, but then it hits you that every time you’ve looked at Corbis and Getty, you wonder “who is buying some of this?!” So there you go. Here is the big statement from the beginning of their press release:

Art4Love Inc. (ALVN.PK) today announced the creation of Art4Love Images Inc, its digital rights licensing subsidiary. Art4Love Images will manage the licensing and distribution of digital images from the works within the Art4Love fine art catalog. Over 15,000 fine art images, by Art4Love member artists, will be available for licensing to advertisers, designers, publishers, corporate communicators and commercial marketers. The Company has set a goal of 35,000 images in its digital inventory within the next six months.