Momofuku’s Media Empire

If you live in NYC or have spoken to a NYC foodie or hipster in the past five years, chances are you’ve heard of or eaten at a David Chang restaurant. You’ve had the noodles, munched on the compost cookies, and salivated over the bo ssam (or maybe that was just us?).

Anyway, now restaurateur David Chang is expanding his reach with an iPad app (how trendy!) and magazine (how quaint!).

As the WSJ reports, the “two-pronged” approach is logical: the company behind the magazine is McSweeney’s, which caters to both young, literate, tech-savvy readers as well as people who appreciate physical objects.

The first issue of Lucky Peach includes writing from Chang and collaborator Pete Meehan, Ruth Reichl, Anthony Bourdain, John T. Edge, and a short story from 1919 called “The Gourmet Club.” It also includes recipes and how-to articles.

But why a print version at all?

“We wanted to capture things in writing that wouldn’t be able to make it on an iPad five-minute video and basically that was the impetus and catalyst for the magazine,” Chang said.

Ah, so people’s attention spans on the iPad aren’t very long after all. That’s not encouraging.

Meanwhile, McSweeney’s is planning to release another cookbook (without a tech component) and ultimately an entire cookbook imprint.

No word on whether Lucky Peach has freelance opportunities.