Mommies Rejoice As The Knot Adopts The Bump

the_bumpBabies are big business. In fact, we seem to have become a baby-obsessed culture. Just ask J. Lo, who’s poised to make upwards of $4 million for snapshots of her newborn twins., a well-established destination for pregger moms hopes this trend continues. In fact, The Knot is so confident that it will, they’ve pumped out some cash to purchase The Bump. Makes sense, no? Get married. Have baby. Get old. Perhaps they’ll purchase Mid-Life Crisis dot com in the near future.Mostly a repository of information, users can expect to find everything from pre-birth information (such as a “Trimester To-Do List”) to throwing an environmentally sound baby shower. Heck, you gotta keep the Earth alive your kid’s sake, right?

An experienced editorial staff, with experts in different fields, generate the majority of content on The Bump – which is also a magazine published in 11 major U.S. cities. Places like New York and Los Angeles have access to localized information.

Anyone in the world can access The Bump, as registration is not mandatory. However, signing up can qualify you for special member-only benefits such as discounts and event notification.

Since new parents are often big-time consumers, the site is a natural for a broad range of advertisers.

What’s interesting is that The Knot also owns The Nest Baby. The latter fosters more of community aspect, while the former is strictly informational. Will we see a marriage between these two sites in the near future? I say give it nine months.