MogoTXT Delivers Texts from NBA Stars to You

mogo NBA.jpg

MogoTXT, a start-up that operates public texting groups, has launched texting groups for a handful of NBA players. Initially, five pro basketballers have agreed to post daily text messages that their fans can sign up to receive.

This is the first step in the company’s plan to get more sports stars and celebrities to use the group texting service to build up a mobile fan base. It also expects the service to create targeted advertising opportunities for major brands.

The initial players who’ll be texting are Shane Battier of the Houston Rockets; LaMarcus Aldridge, Portland Trailblazers; Jordan Farmar, LA Lakers; Eric Gordon, LA Clippers and Spencer Hawes, Sacramento Kings. Fans can sign up for any MogoTXT public texting group at or by texting MOGO and their first and last names to 43526.

MogoTXT says it will be launching texting groups for other NBA players as well as MLB stars, NASCAR drivers and celebrities in the near future.