MoFuse Lets You Create a Mobile Version of Your Blogs/Sites

If you’ve always wanted to create a version of your blog or website which is suitable for mobile browsing, MoFuse is offering you a faster and quicker way using a friendly interface which even the most novice content publisher can do. What was previously a paid service is not a free-for-all service which anyone can use for creating their mobile web presence.

MoFuse lets you mobilize your blog. And when we say mobilize, we mean making it available for mobile browsing. If you’re having second thoughts whether you would want to create a mobile version of your blog, here are some reasons why:

  • Let your visitors read your blog even while on the go
  • Promote your mobile blog through MoFuse, increase traffic to your blog
  • Provide you with an additional revenue stream
  • See information about your mobile visitors through MoFuse’s web analytics

Getting your blog mobilized takes only a few minutes. If you don’t have a blog or site but just wants to have a mobile site, you can also start from scratch. Once you’ve created your account, MoFuse offers an easy-to-use mobile blog creation tools (aka Drag and Drop), where you can add almost all types of mobile web contents (RSS, widgets, etc.)