MoDo’s Fastball: We Suspect It’s the Word ‘Clinton’ That Tends to Throw Her Off

tdy_lauer_dowd_051115.300w.jpgIt’s not just us! Per Jon Friedman today:

Once, every column from my favorite Washington pundit — who skewered pompous, corrupt and incompetent public servants — was a gem. Oh sure, Dowd can still sparkle frequently — just not every time out, like before.
Actually, we sort of think she’s only really begun to “sparkle” again since mid-June, but okay. However, here’s where we part ways. Friedman thinks Dowd’s Achilles heel is her (and everyone else’s) inability to make fun of Obama.
Dowd is sharp when she writes about how others view Obama, but less successful when he is her target. She, like many others, hasn’t yet been able to locate Obama’s funny bone.
We totally agree that Dowd is less successful when Obama is her target &#151 though we did find this column pretty great. However, what Friedman neglects to mention altogether is the strange correlation between Modo’s sub-par aim and the word Clinton — as in, we often suspect the real reason MoDo hasn’t been up to her usual fast ball throwing self is that every time the word Hillary pops up in one of her columns her nails grow so long as to make her unable to pitch any sort of game-winning ball. Take this Sunady’s column for example, it was a zinger — take Hillary out of the line-up and MoDo’s aim seems to magically regain its precision.