MobiTV Sponsors Shark Week Game

sharkweek.jpgMobiTV is promoting the Discovery Channel’s 20th anniversary Shark Week series, which MobiTV subscribers can watch on their cellphones, by sponsoring a mobile game and contest with

MediaPost is reporting that SoLow is also entering all game players through October 16 into a $2 million sweepstakes, which it says is the largest mobile prize to date, to celebrate the game launch.

Normally a mobile media project stands alone, or complements something else that exists in the “full size” world of regular TV, movies, film, or games. In this case, while Shark Week is a traditional Discovery Channel production, having MobiTV sponsor a mobile game is an relatively rare mobile-vendor-to-mobile-vendor collaboration.

To play the game, text SHARK to 23687.

MobiTV Promotes Discovery’s Shark Week On New SoLow [MediaPost]