MobileROI Tries to Link Cross-Device Behavior With New Marketing Tool

Aims to give marketers 360-degree targeting insight

Macy’s, Gannett and BMW (BMWi Ventures is an investor) are all testing a new marketing tool from Mobile ROI called Mobile Marketing Cloud that hopes to sync up cross-channel marketing. The mobile platform acts as a hub that aggregates a brand’s social, digital and traditional channels to better understand how consumers interact with each type of marketing.

The idea is that the tool lets retailers and brands act on the data that consumers leave across each channel to trigger automated or contextual messages and predict the right type of message to send consumers at a specific time. For example, a retailer may push out an ad for a sweater on Facebook if it’s able to recognize that a shopper recently scanned the item in-store using its app.

The company claims that this approach has spiked user engagement for brand campaigns by more than 400 percent.

According to Eric Weisberg, JWT’s executive creative director, one of the more intriguing features of Mobile Marketing Cloud is the beacon functionality that lets marketers send out location-based messages.

Beacons are a hot topic and promise marketers the ability to target consumers at a hyperlocal level, but Weisberg argued that contextual content is the key part of getting the experience right for both brands and consumers. "Content is at the core of that, and that is something that MobileROI is doing in a big way … that’s contextually relevant to a lot of the brands we have."