Mobile Myspace: New Mobile Site, iPhone App

While rumors swirl about the future of Myspace, the News Corp.-owned (for now, anyway) social-networking site is still moving forward, announcing the rollout of a new mobile Web site, as well as an iPhone app to debut “in the coming weeks.”

The mobile site is accessible via iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Palm, and select Nokia and BlackBerry devices, and it offers breaking news and status updates from music artists; video from sources including TMZ, Fuel TV, Fox, National Geographic, and movie trailers; celebrity status updates, photos, and blogs; and sharing of photos, videos, links, and status updates via multiple networks.

The iPhone app will focus on users’ activity streams, automatically populating them with trending activities related to their favorite bands, as well as searching their iPhones for music and incorporating content related to those bands into the activity streams.

CEO Michael Jones said:

We have a two-pronged approach to our mobile strategy. We are creating the best experience for Myspace mobile Web users by taking the most compelling entertainment elements of and making them portable, while simultaneously building a portfolio of independent mobile applications tailored specifically to entertainment categories. This approach allows us to offer a meaningful social entertainment experience on mobile that is both fast and engaging.