Mobile Messaging App ‘Yo’ Updated with Additional Functionality

yo 650

Mobile messaging app Yo has been updated with new features, bringing additional functionality to the platform, without removing its simplicity. Users can now allow others to view their real names, rather than usernames, while a Yo Index allows users to find services that are interesting and useful for them, as examples.

With this update, users can help their friends stop the confusion associated with their (perhaps) random usernames, as they can opt-in to allow their friends to view their full name and photo when swiping right on their username.

Elsewhere, the app now supports the ability to open links attached to “Yos.” An asterisk next to a Yo indicates an attachment exists, and users tap on the notification to open the link. Using this technology, when a user’s favorite online “things,” from Instagram users to tech blogs, post new content, the Yo notification will include a link to quickly access it. This also allows users to send link attachments by copying and pasting links into Yos before sending them.


As for the Yo Index, users can browse services supporting sites like Craigslist, Instagram, IFTTT, Fedex deliveries and more. When signing up for these, users enter the appropriate information and are scheduled to receive a Yo when certain triggers occur. For instance, if using the Instagram service, users could favorite certain usernames and receive a Yo when those users post new photos to the platform.

For Craigslist, users copy and paste search URLs to be “Yo’d” when a new item is listed matching that result (say, when looking for a new dining room table). Users can even receive a Yo when the Yo Index is updated with newly available services.

Finally, the app’s new hashtag support allows users to Yo any hashtag they’d like, showing their love for a television show or celebrity, a cause or charity, and so on. These hashtags are added just as one would add a new friend to their Yo list. Once added, users can tap the hashtag to Yo it, and swipe on the hashtag to view the number of times it has been Yo’d by others. A trending hashtags page is available for users to track the most popular hashtags on the service.

Yo became a household name in June 2014, when the inventor, Or Arbel, received $1 million in funding from investors to grow the service. The app is available to download for free on iOS and Android.

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