Mobile Gaming Funds Ramp Up: Gamevil Invests in RPG-Maker KNetP

Earlier this year, this thing to do for mid-size, mobile-social gaming companies was to start an investment fund to source games from smaller, third-party studios. TinyCo, then Crowdstar, Gamevil and 6 Waves-LOLapps all jumped on this bandwagon. It’s a way to de-risk the process of coming up with new titles and also a way to get dibs on potential companies to acquire.

South Korea’s Gamevil announced a $10 million fund four months ago and has been doing one to two deals a month since then. Today it announced it’s investing in RPG-maker KNetP, which may ultimately help bolster its core line of RPG titles like Zenonia. KNetP makes two popular Korean RPGs “Legend of Master” and “LAR.” With the deal, Gamevil gets the ability to publish those and future titles from KNetP.

The other companies Gamevil has invested in include Ryuminus, BlueGNC and EVERPLE. The company has also invested in projects from Air Penguin-maker Enterfly and COCOSOFT.

Crowdstar also recently said it’s done six investments so far of around $250,000, while TinyCo has yet to announce any deals for its $5 million fund.