Mobile Game Roundup: Super Awesome Quest, 1010! World and More

We take a look at some of the new games released this week.

It’s almost the weekend, which means gamers have plenty of new titles or content updates to experience on their mobile devices. First, Marvel’s Ant-Man film arrived in three popular mobile games: Marvel Puzzle Quest, Marvel Future Fight and Marvel Contest of Champions.

Elsewhere, Days of Wonder and Space Cowboys released the digital version of the table top card game Splendor, which sees players collecting gems and cards to earn the approval of the nobility. Finally, Fabulapps released its base-building strategy game, Korrigans: Kingdom Wars, which offers plenty of multiplayer and social features.

Here’s a look at some additional games released this week.

Super Awesome Quest (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – Super Awesome Quest is a level-based adventure RPG from BoomZap Entertainment, which allows players to choose from two starting heroes (a paladin or valkyrie), and head into battle against dragons, the undead and more. In each battle, players are presented with a board filled with tiles, and can tap on a specific tile, or chain of titles, to activate their associated attack or action. As players clear tiles, additional tiles are revealed. Players will collect new loot for their hero over time, and can craft new gear as they collect excess items. Players will also collect pets as they progress, which deal extra damage during battle. Outside of single-player missions, Super Awesome Quest offers an arena for endless survival challenges.

Flown (Free on iOS) – From PlayMotive, Flown is a endless survival vertical flyer, challenging players to help their character fly as high as possible by tapping on the screen while tilting their device to avoid obstacles, as well as the columns closing in around them. Players collect coins as they fly through five game worlds, and can spend these coins on new characters, with 30 characters to collect at launch.

Shooting Stars! ($2.99 on iOS) – From Noodlecake Studios and developer Bloodirony, Shooting Stars is a hectic shooter asking players to destroy aliens masquerading as famous celebrities. The game offers two modes and roguelike elements, with levels generated each day. Players will challenge over 20 celebrity bosses, and can collect 50 ultimate weapons, which change the way the game unfolds. In addition to its daily generated levels, players can access Card Hunt mode and collect 16 different cards. Shooting Stars is coming soon to Android and the Amazon Appstore.

Kosmo (Free on iOS) – From Cherrypick Games, Kosmo is a vertical jumper, challenging players to help an alien creature make it back to outer space. Players tap on the left and right sides of the screen to move Kosmo as he jumps, and must avoid obstacles like mines, blimps and the cloudy environment. Gamers can collect coins as they fly, and use these to unlock additional playable characters.

Battle for Wall Street

Battle for Wall Street (Free on iOS, Android) – A Wall Street-themed life simulation game from Ronin Game Studios, Battle for Wall Street allows players to launch their own virtual trading firm, and incorporates real-time stock market data to challenge players with a realistic buying and selling experience. Gamers will need to hire and manage their traders to make money, and can train their workers via a match-three mini-game to eventually unlock the ability to trade more asset classes. Players must also keep their workers happy, or they’ll perform poorly and eventually quit. As players progress, they can hire additional traders, build new floors for their office and more.

Dynasty War (Free on iOS, Android) – From NGames, Dynasty War is a base-building combat game set in the Chinese Three Kingdoms Period. Players will construct a base using key resources, and can recruit soldiers as well as heroes to lead their army during battle. Gamers can complete single-player attacks against computer-controlled bases, or attack bases owned by other players. A second multiplayer mode, Warlord Tour, allows players to fight with gamers around the world, with each player assigned to a group based on their current combat power in order to compete for prizes.

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