Mobile Game Roundup: Glidefire, Epic Eric, Tiny Runners: Boom and More

With so many games launching on iOS and Android each month, and even each week, apps from smaller or independent developers can often become lost in the shuffle. While this is in no way a complete list of all of the games released recently on iOS and Android, here’s a look at a few of the games you might have missed.

Glidefire (Free on iOS, Android) – This endless runner from Wonder Wood Games [featured above] takes players to a futuristic civilization, where they’ll pilot unique gliders, each with their own abilities. Gamers control their glider by swiping up, down, left and right to switch between lanes, jump over or duck under obstacles. The glider’s weapon can be used to shoot obstacles with a tap on the screen, and players are encouraged to collect currency to upgrade their individual gliders, or their chosen pilot.

Epic Eric ($0.99 on iOS) – 232 Studios has launched its new puzzle platformer exclusive on iOS devices. The game features a knight named Epic Eric, who is challenged to rescue his true love from a prison tower. The title’s physics-based gameplay sees users maneuvering puzzles by swinging on cogs, or sliding and bouncing off of platforms to reach the princess at the end (or the knight, if players choose to play as the princess instead). Each level contains three stars for collection, adding to the challenge.atoms hd 650Atoms HD (Free on iOS, Android) – This educational logic puzzle game is based on the classic game Atomix, and challenges players to complete 88 levels by assembling molecules into their proper arrangements. Players accomplish this by pushing atoms left, right, up or down across the screen. Atoms will move until they’ve hit a nearby obstacle, but players can use power-ups, like dynamite, to help them out when they’re stuck.

My Puppy (Free on iOS) – This title from Pine Entertainment is part pet simulation game, part mini-game. Users play a horizontal endless runner to earn bones for their dog by jumping over obstacles including fallen logs and tree stumps. These bones are used to purchase outfits for the puppy, new dog houses, collars, food bowls and more. Additional dog species are available to purchase in the store, with more content being planned for future updates.

Whaatt? (Free on iOS) – This social trivia game allows users to compose their own questions and send them to their friends to answer. Each question is comprised only of pictures, and they tend to come in the form of idea association or “odd-man out” quizzes, asking the player to drag the key image in the center to one of the four corners to solve the problem. For  instance, a photo of an actor might be the key image, while four film screenshots rest in the corners. Players would need to drag the actor to the film he didn’t appear in. It’s up to players to decide both the question and the answer. Users can attempt to solve questions created by strangers, or simply create their own to send to friends.

Pirate Dawn ($1.99 on iOS, $1.49 on Windows Phone, $1.65 on Android) – This open-world pirate RPG features 3D graphics and real-time combat. Players explore the high seas and enter into battle against enemy ships using buttons to fire cannons and a ship’s wheel to control movement. Players can upgrade their ship to take on stronger ships, or even the occasional sea monster over time.

Let’s Fall (Free on Android) – You’ve heard of endless runners, but Let’s Fall is an endless “faller.” In each round of the game, players tap and drag their finger on the screen to lead kittens through holes in obstacles, like branches and rocky ledges. The more points players earn, the more backgrounds and kitten types they’ll unlock. Players are also incentivized to share their progress with friends on Facebook and Twitter for additional unlocks. Let’s Fall is coming soon to iOS and Windows.

Germanium ($0.99 on iOS) – This newest game from Edamame challenges players to control a white dot on a screen filled colorful falling squares, in the hopes of surviving the game’s full 100 seconds. The game’s simple premise gives way to hefty challenge, as bouncing green squares join stationary red squares, and so on. Users can warp from one side of the screen to another by tilting, but even so, success is still easier said than done. In fact, the game was only cleared twice during the app’s pre-release testing.

Egg Hunt Mania (Free on iOS, Android) – Mousee Games’ newest title is a match-three game, challenging players to help Hen the Wise free her baby birds from eggs on the screen. Players complete levels with varying goals, like earning a certain number of points or simply removing a large number of eggs from the screen before running out of moves. The game offers 30 levels at launch, but more are planned for future release.

Freaks ($0.99 on iOS) – This physics puzzle game challenges players to deliver a pink princess orb to a green warp hole somewhere on the screen by breaking glass platforms and interacting with the “freaks,” living glass blocks. Using gravity and proper timing, players may need to set off a chain reaction for moving the princess orb, and they’ll receive up to three stars on each stage, depending on their performance.

Homeless: Life Simulator ($0.99 on iOS) – Homeless asks players to become the richest homeless person on the planet while keeping track of their character’s mood, health and overall satisfaction. Players can complete 150 actions, like collecting bottles or getting a job. As players become wealthier, they can live a more luxurious life, complete with world travel and owning their own company. An in-app casino is also available for earning more out 650Watch Out! (Free on iOS) – Another new game from Pine Entertainment, Watch Out! has an incredibly simple premise: tap to force the “big guy” to jump over the “small guy” before they run into each other. The fast-moving game sees big guys appearing from both the left and right sides of the screen, which challenges players’ reflexes as they must tap on the appropriate side to cause the big guy to jump before his squishes the little guy. Watch Out! is currently listed as the No. 53 free app on iPhone, as of this writing.bomb the burb 650Bomb The ‘Burb ($1.99 on iOS, Free on Android) – This puzzle title from Swedish developer Thundersword Games asks players to carefully plant bombs in colorful residential neighborhoods to maximum destruction upon their detonation. While explosions are admittedly violent, the developer assures players an experience free from gore. Instead, the focus is on problem-solving, as users can trigger chain explosions between buildings and will have access to multiple solutions for each of the game’s 100+ puzzles. Users earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on their score.

Tiny Runners: BOOM! (Free on iOS) – This up-to four-player racing game sees users racing against friends, strangers or bots in a real-time quest for supremacy. Tiny Runners: Boom challenges players to race their way through obstacle courses, using boxing gloves, lasers, rockets and other tools to slow their opponents down. When hit by an obstacle, players may be sent backwards a short distance, or stopped instantly in their tracks, but with so many obstacles on screen, it’s never too late to make a comeback.