Mobile Game Roundup: Final Fantasy VII, Happy Wheels and More

We take a look at some of the mobile games released this week.

Are you looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend? As usual, there are plenty of new options, starting with Kingcraft from Genera Games, a match-three puzzle game which sees players expanding their kingdom by conquering neighboring territories through match-three levels.

Next, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe and Crossy Road developer Hipster Whale launched Pac-Man 256, an endless survival game asking players to escape the 256 glitch from the original Pac-Man while also avoiding ghosts.

Looking for something different to try? Here’s a look at some other games released this week.

Final Fantasy VII ($15.99 on iOS) – Final Fantasy VII for iOS is a port based on the PC version of the game, with Square Enix’s popular RPG receiving an updated user interface for mobile devices. The game supports multiple control options, and gives players the option to turn off random battles for uninterrupted progression. Even with this option activated, players still experience story-based battles. The game also offers a ‘Max Stats’ option for becoming ‘all-powerful’ instantly.

Pocket God vs. Desert Ashes ($4.99 on iOS) – Pocket God vs. Desert Ashes is a turn-based strategy game created by Desert Ashes developer, 9 Tales Digital, and Pocket God company, Bolt Creative. The crossover game sees the Landians going to battle against the Pygmies, and offers a single-player campaign which promises 10 hours of gameplay. The game is in the same style as Advance Wars, and sees players defending the Pygmies’ territory with the help of zombies and laser-sharks. A multiplayer mode offers unlimited gameplay. Pocket God vs. Desert Ashes is coming soon to Android, Kindle, Steam and PlayStation Vita.

Horizon Chase ($2.99 on iOS) – From Aquiris Game Studio, Horizon Chase is a racing title inspired by past racing games including Out Run and Top Gear, among others. The game takes players around the world to 32 cities, where they’ll race on 73 tracks and compete in eight cups. The game offers 16 cars to collect and upgrade. Horizon Chase offers seven different control or input options, from tilt controls to bluetooth controllers. Barry Leitch was responsible for the game’s soundtrack, with Leitch known for his work on other racing games, including Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 and Top Gear.

Dice Mage (Free on iOS) – From Tapinator, Dice Mage is a dice-rolling RPG, asking players to defeat monsters and retrieve the stolen ‘Die of Fate.’ Players take on the role of a wizard, with each battle seeing both players and the enemy rolling dice to determine the winner for each turn. Players can spend mana to re-roll their dice with the hope of receiving a number that can beat the enemy’s roll, but will sometimes need to accept defeat (and the hit point damage) to move on. As players complete battles, they may earn items which refill their health or mana, or can increase their maximum health or mana points. Players can also collect new gear to make their wizard stronger, and will collect gems which can be spent on instant healing in the store, among other options. When players eventually fall in battle, they can choose to continue where they left off (they start with one ‘continue’ available) or restart from the beginning. When players restart, their stats revert to the original numbers, but they keep their items and gems.

Ocopoco ($0.99 on iOS) – From Triangulae developer Ricardo Fonseca, Ocopoco asks players to drag colored circles around a grid to fuse them with others, creating larger circles. With each move, a new circle is added to the screen. The game offers two modes. In the color mode, players can only fuse circles of the same color, regardless of their size. In size mode, players can fuse circles with any other color, so long as the circles are the same size. In both modes, players fuse circles until they reach the necessary size to disappear from the board. Gameplay continues in both modes until the grid is full, with no additional possible moves. Players can share their high scores with friends.

Madden NFL Mobile (Free on iOS, Android) – While not a new game on app stores, EA‘s Madden NFL Mobile has been updated with a new Madden season of content for new and existing players. The game allows players to become the manager of their favorite NFL team, with this new season featuring new live events and spontaneous challenges, a new receiver mode, legacy team challenges and more. Spontaneous challenges ask players to complete a specific goal during a drive, with challenges having varying difficulties and rewarding players for their completion. Existing Madden NFL Mobile players can use their Legacy Team from the previous season of the game in exclusive live events, which offer unique rewards.

Dead Synchronicity ($4.99 on iPad) – This title from Daedalic Entertainment and Fictiorama Studios is a point-and-click adventure game set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic world. The game stars Michael, a man who wakes up with no memory of his past or of what has happened around him. The world has been ruined by natural disasters, and a plague is now destroying the surviving humans. Players must help Michael survive in this world, and stop the moment of ‘dead synchronicity,’ when time will dissolve. Dead Synchronicity requires iPad 4+ or iPad mini 2+.

Dungeon of the Endless ($4.99 on iPad) – This roguelike dungeon defense game from Amplitude Studios was originally released on PC in October 2014, and challenges players to explore an alien planet’s randomly generated dungeons while managing their team of heroes (each with their own strengths). As players explore and gather resources, they must also protect the generator of their crashed ship from the planet’s creatures. Dungeon of the Endless on iPad includes the ‘Deep Freeze’ and ‘Bookworm’ PC content packs.


CelebHigh (Free on iOS) – A celebrity trivia game from Classmates, CelebHigh challenges players to identify celebrities based on their high school yearbook pictures. The game is split into two main categories for film and TV stars, with each category offering ‘Photo Match’ and standard ‘Trivia’ modes. In the Photo Match mode, gamers are shown a yearbook photo and multiple names, and must correctly identify the celebrity before running out of time. In the Trivia mode, players answer timed multiple choice trivia questions about celebrities, with each question accompanied by a yearbook photo. As players correctly answer questions, they’ll receive points which help them level up in the overall game. Players also earn trophies as they complete specific achievements.

Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter (Free on iOS) – From Capcom’s Beeline Interactive, this match-three puzzle battle game allows players to create a team of characters from the Ghostbusters films, as well as Ron Alexander’s Ghost Smashers and the Ghostbusters comic books. Each team member has a series of color-coded abilities, which can be charged by making matches with symbols of the same colors. The game offers a single-player campaign mode, as well as asynchronous multiplayer matches. Players can also compete in limited time events, which give them a chance to win new characters, currency and more. Check out our complete preview of the game for more. Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter is coming soon to Android.

Play-Doh Jam (Free on iOS, Android) – Developed by Fat Pebble and published by Backflip Studios (in partnership with Hasbro), Play-Doh Jam allows players to roll a Play-Doh ball down a hill, smashing into smaller creatures to collect them and make the ball bigger. At the end of the hill, players smash into a giant Play-Doh creature, with the goal of sending it as far away as possible. As players smash into and collect these smaller creatures, they earn Play-Doh points which can be used to create new Play-Doh creations, including new creatures, upgrades for the hill, and so on.

Happy Wheels (Free on iOS) – Happy Wheels has already found huge success on the Web, and iOS gamers are now able to play this physics-based obstacle course game on the go. Happy Wheels features 15 levels at launch, as well as a level editor for players to create their own stages and send them to friends. Players use directional and jump buttons to help their characters navigate courses while avoiding things like pits, spikes, harpoons and many other obstacles, with players able to complete levels even if their character has been injured (to a point). The game records replays of each run, and while watching these, players can take screenshots to share with friends. The ‘business guy’ character is available to start, with content for characters like ‘Irresponsible Dad’ and ‘Pogo Stick Guy’ (as examples) coming in future updates.