Mobile Game Roundup: Crab War, Pirates Bay and More

Here's a look at some of the new mobile games released this week.

If you’re looking for a new game to play this weekend, there are plenty of new options for you to try, including Activision‘s Skylanders Battlecast. The trading card game allows players to collect digital trading cards, as well as purchase real-world cards that can be activated within the game.

In addition, Deep Silver Fishlabs and ISBIT Games released Warp Shift on iOS. The level-based puzzle game asks players to help a girl named Pi escape a magical prison by moving squares to create a path for her to reach the exit in each stage.

Are you looking for something different to play? Here’s a look at some of the additional mobile games released this week.

Crab War (Free on iOS, Android) – This clicker or idle game from Appxplore challenges players to command crab armies and defeat the giant reptiles that have taken over the land. Players can rapidly tap on the screen to spawn crabs, which automatically attack enemies. As players defeat enemies, they’ll receive gold, which can be used to unlock queens that automatically attack enemies even when players aren’t tapping. Users can also spend gold on upgrades for their armies. Once players reach a certain level, they’ll have the option to “molt and be reborn,” while also receiving special DNA that can be used to research mutations.

Gem Hunters (Free on iOS) – This puzzle battle game from Armor Games allows players to become knights, rogues or wizards and lead their heroes through seven worlds on a quest to find their lost treasure. During each battle, players attack their opponents by drawing lines to connect three or more matching symbols on the board. As players progress, they can collect new equipment, as well as Spirit Animals for their heroes. In addition to a single-player story mode, Gem Hunters offers online multiplayer against other players.

MMX Hill Climb (Free on iOS, Android) – This racing game from Hutch challenges players to complete race courses while tapping accelerator and brake buttons to keep their vehicles balanced while driving. The game includes multiple vehicles to unlock and upgrade, with upgrades allowing players to improve their vehicles’ speed, grip, stability and tilt. As players complete courses, they can compare their best times with their friends’ times on the game’s leaderboard.

Battleplans (Free on iOS) – This real-time strategy game from En Masse Entertainment and C4M allows players to attack and capture enemy bases by drawing paths to move their units around the battlefield. In between battles, players can create defensive plans to defend their own territories from enemy attacks. Users can unlock new troops and heroes for their armies over time.

Eyes Cube (Free on iOS) – This endless survival game from Ketchapp and Lemondo Entertainment challenges players to help a pair of eyes avoid obstacles and survive as long as possible. Players control each eye independently by tapping and holding on the right and left sides of the screen. In each game, the environment moves automatically, and players must move both eyes to avoid obstacles in the path. Users can collect coins as they play, and can spend these coins on new playable characters.

Enso (Free on iOS, Android) – This puzzle game from Planet of the Apps asks players to move colorful orbs around a circular track to create groups of three or more touching orbs of the same color. Each orb can be moved a specific number of spaces around the track, and can only be moved once. New orbs are added to the track as players make matches. The game ends when players run out of moves.

Monster Sweeperz (Free on iOS, Android) – This shoot ’em up game from 4:33 Creative Lab allows players to recruit teams of over 400 characters, each with different skills and abilities. During battle, players’ heroes stand on the front of a tank, and will automatically attack waves of oncoming enemies. Players can tap to move their characters across the front of the tank to aim or avoid enemy attacks. As users complete stages, they can upgrade their units to make them stronger. Users can also upgrade their tanks.

Romancing Saga 2 ($17.99 on iOS, Android) – From Square Enix, Romancing Saga 2 was originally released only in Japan in 1993. Now, the game has been remastered and translated into English. The game takes place across multiple generations, and it allows players to take on the role of a series of rulers in the Varennes Empire. As players progress, they will change the in-game world through the actions they take. This mobile release includes new dungeons, as well as two new classes: diviner and ninja.

New Star Soccer G-Story ($3.99 on iOS) – This gamebook from Hachette UK, New Star Games, Insight Studios and The2Steves places users in the role of a soccer player and allows them to make decisions that affect the way the story plays out. The app includes 240 gameplay segments, including segments for shooting, dribbling, passing, tackling and more. Users will also be allowed to select their agents and choose which skills to train and which sponsorship deals to take. As users make decisions, their choices will impact the endings they receive. New Star Soccer G-Story is coming soon to Android.

Crashing Season (Free on iOS, Android) – This action running game from Koukoi Games challenges players to help animals defend the forest from hunters. In each environment, players tap and hold on the left and right sides of the screen to control their animals as they run. Users can defeat hunters by running into them, or by knocking objects into them. Hunters will fight back, and games end when players run out of health. Players are challenged to complete objectives in each environment, such as defeating the required number of enemies with a specific animal or surviving for a minimum amount of time. Users will collect coins as they defeat enemies, and can spend this money on new playable characters, power-ups and more.

Road Racing (Free on iOS) – This racing game from T-Bull challenges players to drive as long as they can while avoiding traffic. While players’ cars drive at a steady pace automatically, players can use buttons to increase their speed and brake (nitro is also available). Players can collect coins as they drive, and can spend these coins on upgrades for their vehicles. Road Racing is coming soon to Android.

Rack Up (Free on iOS, Android) – From Naked Penguin Boy, Rack Up challenges players to “reclaim the grid” inside space stations by swiping to create squares or rectangles on the board. As players create shapes, they’re filled in and claimed, but users must watch out for enemy cubes that may destroy some of their work. In addition, players will lose one of their lives if they run into enemy cubes while playing. Levels end when players have claimed a certain percentage of the board, and games end when players run out of lives. Users begin back at the first board each time they run out of lives, or they can unlock progress checkpoints by upgrading to the premium version of the game for $1.99.

Runaway Hero (Free on iOS) – This side-scrolling platformer from Swelab Games challenges players to complete levels by using buttons to move and jump. Users need to watch out for obstacles as they play, and they can also defeat enemies and bosses while playing. As players make their way through stages, they can watch video ads to create progress checkpoints.

Car Mechanic Simulator Pro (Free on iOS) – This simulation game from PlayWay allows users to perform car repairs by fixing or replacing damaged parts. For each job, players are given a description of the problem (such as, “My car is noisy”), and they must determine and fix the problem(s). Players will earn money as they complete jobs, and they can spend this money on upgrades for their workshops. The game includes seven basic cars, two different workshops and 24 workshop upgrades. In addition, users can purchase used cars at the in-game auction, and they can repair these cars before selling them for a profit. Overall, the game includes an unlimited number of jobs to complete. Car Mechanic Simulator Pro is coming soon to Android and Windows Phone.

Pirates Bay

Pirates Bay (Free on iOS) – This video poker game from .Com, a Pine Entertainment company, challenges players to create specific poker hands, or collect specific cards on each stage. For instance, players may be asked to create five hands with at least one pair, or collect enough heart and diamond cards to add up to a certain number of points, and so on. Players must complete each stage before running out of hands. Gamers have access to power-ups that can help them complete stages.

In addition to these new releases, here are some of the previously released games which have launched on new platforms.

Dice Mage from Tapinator – Free on Android; previously released on iOS.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons from 505 Games – $2.99 on Android (will be $4.99); previously released on iOS.