Mobile Game Roundup: Cartoon Survivor, Breach TD and More

We take a look at some of the mobile games released this week.

As we reach the end of another week, mobile app stores have been updated with a slew of new games for iOS, Android and other mobile devices. This week, Zen Studios released its Portal Pinball table on mobile, based on the popular Portal series of console games, while Zynga expanded its FarmVille franchise with the release of its FarmVille: Harvest Swap match-three game.

Finally, gamers looking for a deeper experience can find it in QCF Design’s Desktop Dungeons, which offers randomly generated dungeons for limitless gameplay on tablets.

As usual, this week’s lineup of new releases offers a little something for everyone. Here’s a look at some additional games released on mobile this week.

Cartoon Survivor (Free on iOS) – The debut title from Spunge Games, Cartoon Survivor is a level-based runner, challenging players to navigate obstacle courses as a colorful Doo Doo bird before time runs out and the dynamite strapped to his back explodes. In each course, the Doo Doo bird runs automatically, and gamers tilt their device to move left and right on the path. Gamers tap to jump or tap and hold to glide, and will collect coins as they complete each course. Players choose a difficulty before each stage, determining the number of stars available as rewards and the time limit to complete the course. As players collect coins, these can be spent on new costumes for Doo Doo bird, or helmets with special abilities.

Chaos Rings III ($19.99 on iOS, Android) – A full-scale RPG for mobile devices, Square Enix’s Chaos Rings III introduces players to the city of Neo Paleo and the planet Marble Blue. Gamers will control Nazca as he makes his way to Marble Blue in search of treasure, new lands and “mythical beasts.” The game promises over 100 hours of gameplay, including a lengthy story mode and a separate battle mode with new battle mechanics.

Snack Truck Fever (Free on iOS, Android) – This level-based puzzle game from Square Enix and Duello Games sees players tapping and dragging to create lines of matching ingredients. Each level has a different goal, from collecting a large number of base ingredients to feeding police officers coffee and donuts, and so on. Power-ups help gamers complete difficult stages, and players earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their final score.

Zombiebucket (Free on iOS) – From One More Level and Submachine Factory, Zombiebucket is a survival match-three game, challenging players to survive the zombie apocalypse by tapping and dragging to create lines of two or more touching zombies of a single color. As players create matches, additional zombies fill the bucket, with larger matches triggering the appearance of power-up zombies, capable of clearing large groups of zombies from the screen. Players will collect Superzombies as they level up or complete specific tasks (like creating a chain of 10 zombies, for instance), with the game’s overall goal being to survive as long as possible before the bucket completely fills.

One More Dash (Free on iOS) – From SMG Studio, developer of One More Line, One More Dash is a survival game based on timing. In the game, players guide an orb through a series of circles, each defended by at least one rotating barrier. Players must tap at the right time to dash forward and avoid these barriers, but have a limited amount of time to take each shot before the game ends. While it is sometimes possible to bounce off of a barrier and try again, some circles are defended by spiked walls, which instantly destroy the orb when hit. Gamers complete missions and collect currency as they play, which can be spent on new visual themes for the game.

Pits of Death ($0.99 on iOS) – Designed to resemble a retro experience from the 1980s, Rebisoft‘s Pits of Death sees players exploring tiled dungeons by swiping to choose a movement direction at each crossroad. The goal of the game is to find an arrow somewhere in the dungeon, and use it to kill a dragon also hidden somewhere on the grid. A warning appears when players are near the dragon or a pit, with falling into a pit ending the game and generating a new dungeon. Players can find rope used to escape pits, but should ultimately expect to fail repeatedly before claiming victory over the dragon. Pits of Death is also available as an Apple Watch game.

Dungeon Trackers (Free on iOS, Android) – From Joycity, this RPG mixes card collecting with traditional RPG elements as players take on the role of a summoner, capable of capturing and controlling creatures to defeat enemies. The game offers over 300 creature cards to collect, which relate to others in a “rock, paper, scissors” elemental mechanic. Users create a team and take it into battle, tapping on individual characters to attack, or swiping on character portraits to unleash special skills. Players can explore the world through the main story, or earn extra loot in special dungeons. Finally, a multiplayer mode allows users to battle other players.

Intergalactic Bubbles (Free on Android) – A 3-D bubble shooter from Hellscape Games, Intergalactic Bubbles challenges players to remove moving bubbles from the screen before they reach the cannon at the bottom. Players can upgrade a series of abilities over time, or use power-up bubbles to escape tricky situations. The game is coming soon to iOS.

Candy Crush Soda Saga (Free on Amazon) – Previously released on Facebook, iOS and Android devices, King’s popular match-three game is now available for Kindle users. The follow-up to the original Candy Crush Saga offers 390 levels at launch, and introduces players to a new square match mechanic, as well as soda bottles used to fill the screen with purple soda.

Funny Farm (Free on iOS) – Following its release on Android and Facebook, Eva Studio’s Funny Farm is now available to download on iOS devices. The level-based match-three game challenges players to defend their field from pests by completing a different goal in each stage. These tasks include removing specific crops wrapped in worms, dropping key items to the bottom of the screen and more. Players can use power-ups to complete tricky levels, and will earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on their final score.

Sproggiwood ($9.99 on iOS, Android) – A roguelike from Freehold Games, Sproggiwood takes players on an adventure inspired by Finnish mythology, challenging them to explore randomly generated dungeons and decorate their own town. Dungeons are filled with monsters and traps, and players can tackle these as one of six different classes. Sproggiwood is best experienced on iPad 3+, iPhone 5+ and iPad Mini 2+.

World of Madagascar

World of Madagascar (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – From JumpStart, World of Madagascar is based on the DreamWorks franchise Penguins of Madagascar. The children’s multiplayer game has been created with the help of educators, and includes grade-specific content for children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. In the game, players join the team of spy penguins from the films, and work to rescue baby animals from Dave, an evil Octopus. The game was originally released on the Web in late 2014, and is coming soon to Windows Phone. The Android and Amazon versions are also not yet available, as of this writing.

Breach TD (Free on iOS) – Developed by Space Rhino Games, Breach TD began as a successfully crowdfunded project on Kickstarter, with the final product mixing tower defense gameplay with real-time strategy and MOBA elements. In the game, players are challenged to defeat the Void army using powerful guardians, with the goal of sealing the breach between dimensions. Before each battle, players choose from an expanding list of guardians, and choose two battle cards containing buffs like magic damage or healing effects, as examples. Each match is split into two phases: building (buying and placing guardians on a grid for battle, or upgrading structures) and combat (guardians defend their bases and battle in the middle of the lane). During battle, players can use battle cards and mercenaries to take over the opponent or strengthen their defenses. Breach TD will receive a three-on-three multiplayer mode and team vs. team battles in future updates.