Mobile Game News Roundup: Axle, Call of Duty: Heroes, and More

With so many games released on smartphones and tablets each month, it can be hard to keep up with them all. With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the new games you might have missed this month.

Earn to Die 2 ($1.99 on iOS) – Developer Toffee Games and publisher Not Doppler have released this zombie-killing sequel, which challenges players to drive across the country, spending a limited amount of fuel each day. The farther players drive, the more zombies they kill, and the more money they earn. This money is put back into the vehicle via upgrades like armor to protect the engine, a larger fuel tank to hold more gas during each run, and more. The game offers a brand new story mode, which is said to be five times longer than that of the original game. An Android version of the game is set for release in early 2015.

Gems of War (Free on iOS) – This match-three puzzle game from 505 Games sees players completing more than 150 quests across 15 kingdoms, collecting over 100 different troops for their team. In each of the game’s levels, players match colorful gems to charge their weapons and abilities, and match skulls to damage their opponent in turn-based battles. In addition to a single-player mode, users can join a guild to fight alongside their friends, or compete against others in asynchronous player-vs-player matches. Gems of War is also available to play for free on Steam.

Axle ($1.99 on iOS) – Fallstreak Studio’s platforming title sees players helping Axle, a lovable gear, fix mechanisms, one spinning gear at a time. Instead of running left and right, players spin a wheel at the bottom of the screen to help Axle move clockwise and counterclockwise around existing gears. Players are timed and collect orbs as they play, with environments becoming more complicated over time. This includes the addition of spinning gears, moving obstacle walls and more.

The Banner Saga ($9.99 on Android) – Following a release on iOS earlier this year, Stoic and Versus Evil have released The Banner Saga on Android and Amazon Fire tablets. The Viking-themed tactical RPG allows players to make strategic choices that affect their own personal story, and in fact impact the survival of an entire civilization. The Banner Saga offers over 25 playable characters from seven different classes, each with different abilities and upgrade options to unlock.Tea Firm RePlantedTea Firm: RePlanted (Free on iOS) – Manitoba Games’ sophomore title is a follow-up to Weed Firm: RePlanted, and sees players completing a role-playing adventure as they grow different varieties of tea using different pots and fertilizers. Players can build and customize their tea shop to attract new customers, and will need to defend their shop from some rather unsavory characters over time. It should be noted Tea Firm: RePlanted is rated 17+ for adult content.

Bullet Rush (Free on iOS) – This multiplayer first-person-shooter from UberStrike creator Cmune sees players competing against other real-world players in multiple gameplay modes, including Elimination and Last Man Standing. At the end of each match, players earn experience points, cash and medals. Gamers can unlock new weapons and upgrade them over time. As a mobile experience, the game has been built specifically with touch controls in mind, and offers an “Aim & Shoot” feature that includes weapon auto-shooting when the opponent is “at range and on target.”

Rooster Teeth vs Zombiens ($3.99 on iOS, Android) – Team Chaos has partnered with the Rooster Teeth entertainment brand to launch this action strategy title. The game includes appearances from eight Rooster Teeth cast members, who have provided over 1,000 lines of unique voiceover clips for the experience. In the game, players defend themselves against waves of alien invaders (or Zombiens), collecting crafting materials that are dropped by fallen enemies. Each level has randomized contents, so players are guaranteed they’ll never play the same game twice.

Reel Fishing Pocket 2: Ocean

Reel Fishing Pocket 2: Ocean (Free on iOS) – Natsume’s newest fishing game takes players away from the lakes and rivers of the first Reel Fishing title, and gives them a chance to catch ocean-based fish like bluefin tuna, mackerel, sea bass and more. The game offers new missions to complete, new tackle, lures and more. Players will learn important tips and techniques from master fishermen, and will eventually be able to go after legendary fish, the likes of which have only been whispered about in stories. While fishing, players tap and hold on the screen to cast their line, while reeling in a fish requires strategic taps and holds on the screen to bring the catch to the surface.Call of Duty HeroesCall of Duty: Heroes (Free on iOS) – The massively popular first-person-shooter franchise has been transformed into a base-building combat game for this iOS release, as players construct a base and defend it against intruders. Gamers recruit an army of soldiers that can be taken into battle against enemy bases, and over time, players will encounter heroes from the franchise’s console games. During battle, players deploy their units, who will then attack nearby structures automatically, but players can also have direct control over the actions of their hero units, as well as airstrikes, as a few examples. In addition to single-player missions, gamers can also compete in player-vs-player matches against others.

Let There Be Life ($1.99 on iOS, Android) – Backward Pies’ puzzle game challenges players to grow trees in a setting that’s designed to be relaxing, but isn’t entirely without challenge. In each level, players are presented with tree branches and wildlife, and must attach these items to a tree stump to give the tree life. Branches cast shadows on the mushrooms and flowers growing around the base of the tree. For mushrooms, the shade helps them grow, but for flowers, too much shade is deadly. It’s up to gamers to attach the branches in such a way as to completely fill the tree’s health bar, but at the same time, not damage any other plants in the environment.

I Love Pasta (Free on iOS, Android) – This newest title from PATI Games continues the storyline from another title, I Love Coffee, and sees players creating a menu full of classic Italian dishes, which are served for the guests in their restaurant. Players will collect individual ingredients for their dishes, and can decorate their restaurant for a personalized feel. Gamers are encouraged to keep their regular customers happy, and can help out in their friends’ restaurants for social gameplay.