Mobile to Become the ‘First Screen’

NEW YORK Bob Greenberg, CEO and global chief creative officer at R/GA, and Arto Joensuu, global director of e-marketing for Nokia, today explained how the “third screen” — or mobile media — will become the “first screen,” surpassing television and online.


“Complicated changes are due to the impact of technology on marketing,” said Greenberg. The evolution of the screen — as all media — is dependent on consumer behavior, he said.

Nokia’s Joensuu believes most handsets will include global positioning systems, cameras and Internet capabilities — and therefore “unique abilities for marketers” in this changing landscape. At this juncture, his view is that this medium is “under tapped” by advertisers.

Part of the discussion at Advertising Week gave way to a demonstration of what Nokia and R/GA have been working on together. The first leg of a campaign created earlier this year was dubbed “Urbanista Diaries,” in which consumers were given Nokia phones with GPS systems to take on their travels and record images from around the globe. The photos were shared through Nokia widgets. Social media was at the center of the campaign.

The second part of the campaign is called “Nokia Vine,” which is more of a “life travelogue,” said Greenberg, and the goal is to create an emotional connection, said Nokia’s Joensuu.

Further, he said mobile is redefining media, transforming the way media is “bought,” “owned” (via branded channels) and “earned.” The latter, he explained, “Provides compelling marketing solutions that drive advocacy. Earned media will drive media investment in the future,” he said.

Greenberg noted that the point is not to just shift money from one platform to another. “We have to change the mindset,” he said.