Mobile App Roundup: MocoSpace, Android 3.0, iPad2, & More

MocoSpaceMocoSpace Launches Fund for HTML5 Mobile Games — Mobile social network, MocoSpace, as announced the establishment of a $1 million fund for HTML5 mobile games developers for smartphones. Selected developers will receive both funding, development support, and promotional support for their titles on the MocoSpace Games Platform.

FriendedNapkin Studio Launchs Native iPad Facebook App — Napkin Studio has launched the app Friended this week. A native Facebook application for iPad, the $0.99 offers features similar to the web version of Facebook, but also notifications, chat, and a higher resolution interface.

Android 3.0 SDK Now Available — Android developers ought to be happy this week, as the full SDK for Android 3.0 is now available. Moreover, the APIs are stated as final and developers can now develop apps for the new platform and publish to the Android Market. More details can be found here.

iPad 2 Event on March 2nd — All Things Digital is reporting that Apple’s coming, March 2nd, event will feature the second generation of the iPad. This iPad 2 is expected to be thinner, feature an improved display, hold a front-facing camera, and support Facetime video chat.

FlurryFlurry Releases Mobile Gamer Numbers — Flurry has released new data that displays an interesting picture of mobile gaming’s top consumers. To highlight some numbers, 53% of mobile social gamers are female with an average age, for both genders, being around 28. Additionally, 61% of US mobile social gamers hold a Bachelor’s degree, or higher, with over 35% earning a household income between 60k and 80k.

[image via Flurry]

OpenFeint Announces Pay Per Game Install Suite — OpenFeint has announced the launch of OFX 2.0 this week. The freemium platform will allow developers to incorporate pay-per-install distribution, where the developer would purchase inventory in other freemium games (in a form similar to offer walls).

FTWFTW Allows Saved Games Across Devices — According to VentureBeat, a new startup by the name of FTW (“For the Win”) has displayed a new service that will allow developers that will use an API to save games across different versions of their games across multiple devices.

BillToMobile Partners with Fortumo — BillToMobile has partnered with European mobile payments company Fortumo this week. Now, US customers can buy virtual goods, using their carrier’s billing, in European and Asian games.

Nexus SGingerbread Roll Out Begins on Nexus One — Google has begun rolling out the latest version of Android (named Gingerbread), this week, on Nexus One devices this week, says TechCrunch. Additionally, Nexus S users have received an OTA update fixing significant bugs and improving Facebook synching.

Along with this, and also according to TechCrunch, Google has removed the ability for Facebook users to merge their “Facebook phone directory” with the Contacts app on Nexus S.

FTC to Investigate Apple In-App Purchases — After the expressed concerns of Representative Edward Markey to the FTC, regarding in-app purchases, a few weeks ago, The Washington Post notes that the FTC is now set to review said purchases. Further comments from the FTC have been made.

On a semi-related note, The Washington Post has also reported that the FTC and Justice Department have also launched antitrust reviews for Apple’s recently announced subscription service.

Android MarketAndroid Market Adds eBooks — Engadget has reported that the Android Market now supports books. Additionally, there are currently inactive URLS for both music and movies, thus such features are likely to come next.

[image via TechCrunch]

Flash on Tablets — Flash may be coming to tablets sooner than expected. Adobe has stated that it will offer Flash Player 10.2, pre-installed, on “on some tablets and as an OTA download on others within a few weeks of Android 3 (Honeycomb).”