Mobile App Roundup: FIFA 12, Mooter Media, TellTale Games, Adobe & Hotmail

Mafia Wars Shakedown coming to Android? Last week Zynga revealed that a new Mafia Wars game, Mafia Wars Shakedown, was coming to iOS. As they’ve done before, Zynga went on a domain name buying spree in anticipation of the launch. Tech blog Fusible noticed, Zynga registered several domains such as, which point towards an eventual Android release. For the full list of Shakedown domains, read the Fusible article here.

Video Game Market Spurred Forward by Mobile, Social Games – Gamasutra is reporting that the video game market is showing clear growth, and will be worth more than $80 billion by 2014, with the biggest revenue increases coming from digital, mobile and social games. Colin Sebastian, an analyst with Robert W. Baird & Co is also predicting online game revenues will increase by between 15 and 20% every year for the next 3 years.

Mooter Media Raises $15 Million for Social Photography – Australian startup Mooter Media has received $15 million to develop a photography sharing and gaming application called ImageSocial, according to VentureBeat. ImageSocial will be a collaboration between Mooter Media and Hot Shot Media, and will allow users to connect with other users based on their photos, and to play photo-centric social games on the app’s website.

Mobile Apps Downloads Predicted to Grow Aggressively – Berg Insight has released research predicting that mobile apps will see strong growth over the next three years, with total downloads reaching 98 billion by 2015 and revenue reaching $11.8 billion USD. For comparison, last year, mobile app revenue was $2.15 billion USD. For more predictions, read the full story at TechCrunch.

EA’s FIFA 12 Sells Very Well on iOS – Destructiod is reporting that EA’s latest sports game, FIFA 12 has been a big success on iOS, racking up more than 879,000 sales since it launched. FIFA 12 has also been a big success on consoles, selling 3.2 million units, making it the most successful video game launch this year.

Better Captchas Coming to Mobile Devices- Vancouver/New York based NuCaptcha, a startup that creates user-friendly video captchas is developing a product specifically for mobile phones and tablets. Based on HTML5, the system will show users 3 letters, which will need to be retyped into a text entry field optimized for mobile devices. To read more, please see the full story on TechCrunch.

iPad Very Profitable for Telltale Games – Telltale Games has found its games have performed very well on the iPad; so well that the company has put out a press release revealing its plans to accelerate its iOS development, aiming to have 30 games available on iOS by the end of the year. Telltale currently has 18 games available in the App store.

Mobile Pie is the Latest Beneficiary of Tapjoy’s Android Fund – Mobile Pie’s music themed game My Star will be seeing an Android release thanks to Tapjoy’s new Android Fund according to Gamasutra. The fund was established in June to help selected developers port their games to Android, covering development costs and providing marketing assistance. Raises $1.1 Million for Business App Store – TechCrunch is reporting that has secured more than $1.1 million in funding from Nauta Capital to expand its cloud app store. Aimed at small and medium sized businesses, acts as a matching service between companies and SaaS apps. The service currently hosts more than 1,500 vendors.

Enterproid Raises $11 Million in Funding – Unique enterprise software company Enterproid has raised $11 million in funding from Comcast, Google and Qualcomm to develop its smartphone profile technology according to VentureBeat. Enterproid’s technology allows Android phone users to set two totally separate profiles on the same smartphone, eliminating the need for business users to carry two phones.

Mobile Gaming Increasing in Popularity – According to a survey by comScore, 28.5% of mobile phone subscribers used their phones to play games, up from the 26.9% that reported playing games in May. More statistics can be found on Gamasutra.

AR Coming to Puppy World – Augmented reality marketing company GoldRun is bringing the virtual pets of  OMGPOP’s Puppy World into the real world as part of a game promotion between the two companies. The winner of the game will be able to decide the next breed of dog added to Puppy World – perfect if your calls to have a Chinese Crested added to the game have so far fallen on deaf ears.

[Launch] Ondango Seeks to Improve Facebook Commerce- German startup Ondango launched publicly this week according to TechCrunch. The service allows businesses to sell products directly from their Facebook pages without asking users to install more apps or directing them away from the site (which greatly reduces conversion), and processes the transactions on a secure non-Facebook server. Ondango is currently available in English, German and Spanish.

[Launch] Adobe Bringing Six New Mobile Apps to iOS & Android – VentureBeat is reporting that Adobe is finally bringing its creative suite software to touch enabled iOS and Android tablets. The Touch Apps will initially retail for $9.99 each and will connect to Adobe’s Creative Cloud service.

[Launch] Fitocracy Adds Mobile Support With App – Social fitness community Fitocracy has released a mobile web app to help members track their workouts on the go according to TechCrunch. Fitocracy is just one of a growing group of companies that add gaming and social elements to exercise.

[Launch] Knowledge Adventure Launching Mobile Games Branch – Educational game company Knowledge Adventure is getting deeper into the mobile market creating a new family friendly mobile game sub brand, Twisted Games. So far the branch has two releases to its credit, Beaver’s Revenge and Ice Cube Caveman, both of which are available on iOS and Android.

[Launch] Hotmail App Now Live on Android – Hotmail users on Android finally have a dedicated app to call their own. TechCrunch reports the app offers users basic email functionalities such as push email, synced calendars and support for multiple accounts.