MMA Updates Cross-Carrier Content Guidelines

phones clipart.jpgThe Mobile Marketing Association has come out with an update to its US Consumer Best Practices (CBP) guidelines for cross-carrier mobile content services. The guidelines include baseline rules for cross-carrier services such as text messaging, multimedia messaging, shortcode programs, Interactive Voice Response and mobile Web, among others.

Version 3.3 includes additional guidelines for the use of wireless carrier SMTP gateways for commercial traffic, handset delivery, clarifications around promotional content and marketing to children. Other changes include an expansion and clarifications of guidelines for Free To End User (FTEU), standard- and premium-rate messaging, mobile Web and IVR.

According to MMA president Laura Marriott, “The guidelines provide carriers, technology companies, brands, media companies and consumer advocates with the baseline set of rules to ensure a consistent and protected experience for the consumer.” They have also “become the rules which the industry monitors and ensure compliance against today,” she said.

The guidelines can be downloaded at

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