Mixpanel Follows Up with Android Analytics Platform

It has only been a few short weeks since gaming analytics company Mixpanel told us that it had followed up its popular Facebook suite with analytics for the iPhone, but the company is already back with another new product: Android analytics.

Mixpanel’s argument is that current mobile analytics programs keep developers from producing the best games possible, because they only provide a limited view of activity, unlike the tools available to Facebook developers (which are also offered by other companies).

Hundreds of customers signed up for Mixpanel’s iPhone analytics since its launch, according to the company’s head of business development, Jeremy Richardson.

There won’t be much to differentiate Mixpanel’s Android offering from its others, although that’s partially the point; the idea is to offer something similar to full-featured web analytics for mobile apps, so that developers have the info to make granular improvements (like button positioning) as they already do with web games.

You can check it out here; there’s also a video introducing the Android analytics platform below.

Mixpanel Android Analytics from mixpanel on Vimeo.