Mission: Impossible Game Goes Live on Facebook in Advance of Ghost Protocol Film

Paramount Pictures and developer Funtactix have teamed up to deliver a new Facebook game based on the former’s Mission: Impossible franchise of spy movies. It had previously partnered with the developer for a Facebook game based on the film Rango. Mission: Impossible launches today ahead of the December 21 theatrical release of Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol.

According to Facebook, Mission: Impossible currently has 2,000 monthly active users.

Mission: Impossible puts players in the role of an agent for the international spy organization IMF, or Impossible Mission Force. For the sake of game mechanics, this means that players take on various over-arching missions, each comprised of various sub-missions in which they must satisfy certain requirements in order to pass. For the most part, this means clicking on objects and people in the environment to interact with them, which costs energy, a commodity that recharges over time or via the purchase of premium refills.

Players must also fight enemy agents, which involves clicking on them until they are dead. It’s possible for players to use the soft currency, cash, that they receive for completing missions in order to purchase better weapons and armor to improve their chances in combat. Better weapons make killing enemies easier, while better armor reduces the chance they themselves will lose. Defeating enemies and completing missions rewards players with experience points. Leveling up enables players to have more energy by default, refills their energy, and makes available more items from the game’s shop.

Another component of the game is the player’s safehouse. This is a separate area that players can add various functional and decoration items to in order to generate money and change its appearance. They are also to purchase elements such as intelligence gathering devices which will pay out cash over time.

Some of the game’s missions are friend gated — meaning that players must invite friends to play in order to complete them. Other social features include posting about accomplishments to the player’s Wall, sending gifts to friends, and seeing their friends who are playing the game, along with their score data, at the bottom of the screen as part of the player’s spy network.

Paramount is monetizing Mission: Impossible through the sale of deco items, safehouse devices, weapons, armor, and energy refills. Players can purchase the better items the game offers using Facebook Credits, and can also use Credits to buy the cash currency, which can be used to purchase a fairly wide assortment of items. Energy refills can only be purchased using Facebook Credits, as can buying non-playable characters to aid players on missions.

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