Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Who’s the Nicest Firm of Them All?


Luckily we work in a very nice place during the day, because otherwise it would be difficult coming into the office after a long night at a bar watching election returns. We understand that some of you might not be so fortunate, having to suffer through not just a hangover, but an uncomfortable place to work on top of a hangover. If you’re in the UK, now might not be a bad idea to start looking around with the help of The Sunday Times“Best 100 Small Companies to Work For.” If you’re in the business of building, you’d be particularly interested in seeing that The Architects’ Journal got a hold of the list and compared it to years prior, seeing who is nicer and who is not as nice as before. Here’s a bit:

Assael Architecture powered up the paper’s ‘Best 100 Small Companies to Work For’ league, reaching number 22 in the chart — meaning the practice is 19 places nicer than last year, but not as nice as in 2006, when the firm came an impressive seventh.

Even so, the practice is streets ahead of any other architectural outfit in the hit parade, which was won by the contented folk at charity Christians Against Poverty.