The Mirror Awards Finalists

The Mirror Awards, an annual ceremony honoring the reporters and editors “who hold a mirror to their own industry for the public’s benefit,” are today, and Adweek will be there, holding a mirror to the mirror. Media reporters from across New York City will be in attendance at the luncheon, which starts at 11:45 this morning at The Plaza and is put on by Syracuse University’s Newhouse School. MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski will be MC-ing the event.

This year’s finalists, from the Mirror Awards website:

Best Single Article, Traditional Media

•    Devin Friedman, "The Viral Me"  (GQ)
•    Gabriel Sherman, "Chasing Fox"  (New York Magazine)
•    Mary Walton, "Investigative Shortfall" (American Journalism Review)

Best Single Article, Digital Media

•    Don Carli, "Is Digital Media Worse For The Environment Than Print?" (PBS)
•    Jim Hopkins, "All Shook Up" (Gannett Blog)
•    Damon Kiesow, "Former Newspaper Photographer Becomes Mobile Social Journalist" (Poynter)
•    Geoff McGhee, "Journalism in the Age of Data" (Stanford)
•    Justin Peters, "Trust Falls" (Columbia Journalism Review)
•    Jonathan Stray, "Play Paywall" (Nieman Journalism Lab)

Best Profile, Traditional Media
•    Ken Auletta, "The Networker" (The New Yorker)
•    Christopher Beam, "A Reasonable Man" (New York Magazine)
•    Raffi Khatchadourian, "No Secrets" (The New Yorker)
•    Ben McGrath, "Search and Destroy" (The New Yorker)
•    Jose Antonio Vargas, "The Face of Facebook" (The New Yorker)   

Best Profile, Digital Media
•    Edmund Lee, "Capital New York Plies Tough Market With Earnest Journalism" (Ad Age)
•    Joel Meares, "The Biggest Fish in Albany?" (Columbia Journalism Review)
•    Joel Meares, "Keeping Up with Chuck Todd" (Columbia Journalism Review)  

Best Commentary, Traditional Media
•   Eric Alterman (The Nation)
•   Bill Minutaglio (Texas Observer)
•   James Poniewozik (TIME Magazine)
•   James Wolcott (Vanity Fair)

Best Commentary, Digital Media

•    Eric Alterman (Center for American Progress)
•    Joshua Benton (Nieman Journalism Lab)
•    Jina Moore (
•    Scott Rosenberg (MediaShift Idea Lab – PBS)
•    Craig Silverman (Columbia Journalism Review)

Best In-depth Piece, Traditional Media 
•    Jodi Enda and Priya Kumar, "Retreating From the World" (American Journalism Review)
•    Andrew Rice, "Putting a Price on Words" (New York Times)
•    Danielle Sacks, "The Future of Advertising" (Fast Company)
•    Mary Van de Kamp Nohl, "Paper Money" (Milwaukee Magazine)