Miodrag Mitrasinovic Is Strategic Choice for Parsons Deanship

Miodrag Mitrasinovic.bmpIn a move that makes Parsons the easy winner of the “Coolest Named Dean” competition, architect and scholar Miodrag Mitrasinovic will take the helm of its School of Design Strategies (SDS). The school—one of five at Parsons—addresses the intersection of cities, services, and ecosystems through undergraduate programs in integrated design, design and management, and environmental studies, and is developing a slate of graduate programs in fields such as design management and urban design studies.

“I am deeply confident that in this new position Miodrag will successfully lead the ongoing development of the School of Design Strategies,” said Parsons Dean Joel Towers, who led the formation of SDS. “Miodrag is highly qualified for this role. He is a significantly accomplished academic, has provided invaluable service to Parsons and The New School, and brings a collaborative, respectful, and visionary personality to the job.” Plus, among his recent architectural achievements is designing Belgrade’s first Montessori school, complete with a novel modular furniture system. Mitrasinovic, who previously served as chair of urban and transdisciplinary design in SDS, will hold his new decanal post until January 2011.