Millionaire City Leads the City Builders on This Week’s List of Fastest-Gaining Facebook Games by MAU

FrontierVille is once again the leader on our weekly list of fastest-gaining Facebook apps by monthly active users. However, the Zynga is still showing signs of a gradual slowdown.

Reaching the 27 million MAU that Zynga’s previous hit Treasure Isle had at its peak now seems unlikely for FrontierVille, unless the game has a longer-lasting appeal than most other social games we’ve seen. That may be possible, but only time will tell. In the meantime, here’s the full AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon FrontierVille18,689,101+3,450,915+22.65
2.icon Millionaire City3,235,680+1,446,356+80.83
3.icon EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars4,428,130+939,277+26.92
4.icon 開心 Lounge Bar648,011+619,503+2,173.08
5.icon Baking Life3,176,620+612,185+23.87
6.icon SuperFun Town!924,937+495,754+115.51
7.icon Verdonia3,189,555+476,340+17.56
8.icon Fashion World2,083,070+467,744+28.96
9.icon Element Analyst Creator561,454+465,839+487.20
10.icon Pet Resort397,633+357,376+887.74
11.icon Zoo Kingdom1,417,983+350,434+32.83
12.icon Casino City710,271+347,742+95.92
13.icon 建立你的測驗351,769+314,924+854.73
14.icon Bejeweled Blitz10,585,386+283,232+2.75
15.icon Office Wars306,305+280,293+1,077.55
16.icon Horse Gaga546,752+267,377+95.71
17.icon Birdland716,095+241,005+50.73
18.icon Songs2,890,673+233,259+8.78
19.icon Games4,088,001+229,949+5.96
20.icon Resort World1,123,514+207,487+22.65

While Fr0ntierVille’s big gains are to be expected, Millionaire City stands out for its 1.4 million new MAU. In just a few short weeks, the city builder has vaulted developer Digital Chocolate’s size on Facebook, as you can see from the chart below.

EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars is third, having crossed four million MAU. The problem is that the World Cup, which was likely one of the biggest growth drivers for the game, just ended. It’s possible that with the soccer tournament over Superstars run will be too; we’ll be able to tell you for sure next week.

開心 Lounge Bar, at number four, is a restaurant management sim that has been around since March, but only recently started growing. It’s now the fastest-growing Chinese language game we’ve ever seen, having picked up 619,503 new MAU in just three days — although successful Chinese-language games are also becoming more common.

And it’s worth noting that SuperFun Town! has dropped down to number six, having ceded its briefly-held position as fastest-growing city builder to Millionaire City. However, the game still qualifies as a hit, with plenty of potential growth ahead of it.