Milliners, Mark Your Calendars

8c9a6e6d8381c387320ce76a94e45ca81.jpgNot many in the U.S. even know what a milliner is. It’s not someone in the military. No, it’s someone who knows how to make hats! Millinery or hat-designing is a profitable, full-time business for many in Europe and Australia. Ask Philip Treacy. (You need a fashionable hat to win a prize at the local horse races.) Here in the U.S., you have to travel wide and far to learn more about the hat biz. If you’re in the Midwest, you’re in luck. Talented Chicago milliner Laura Hubka will be heading up a workshop at Judith M Millinery in Lagrange, Ind. on July 18 and 19. For the uninitiated, she will be teaching unorthodox things to do with the leftover pieces of straw hatbodies, sinamay, and felt. You can try your hand at creating a whimsey (whatever that is) or birdcage veil. If all else fails, you can make elaborate flowers, leaves and other trims out of scraps. The number of participants is limited, so put your thinking cap on and figure out your vacation plans now.