Mike Albo One-Man Show Revisits ‘Crassest Junket Ever’

Mike Albo is certainly making the most of being fired from the New York Times. The one-time “Critical Shopper” columnist turned his ouster into the 2011 eBook The Junket and has now expanded those musings into a one-man show of the same name.


The Junket opened this past weekend at Dixon Place and runs for the next two Friday/Saturdays. There’s no better primer for the show than this Q&A conducted by The Slant. Albo starts off by describing the titular junket that got him into trouble with the NYT:

“It was the crassest junket ever,” he laughed in a recent interview with The Slant, rattling off the trip’s corporate sponsors — Trojan Condoms, Cold-Eeze, Pom Wonderful, H&M, Starbucks and Gillette!

“The bukaki of a junket,” he joked.

In the highly entertaining interview, Albo revisits all the NYT fallout details and also recalls the golden age of Internet freelancing, when he was pulling in from some circles $600/article and $1,000/month for a horoscope column.

Albo didn’t quite make out like that from his Kindle book efforts, but all things considered he did pretty well nonetheless. Read the complete Q&A here.

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