Mighty Mouse: Iger & Eisner paid $20 million in salary, bonuses

According to a proxy statement made public Wednesday, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger‘s annual salary jumped 33% to a minimum of $2 million when he took over as CEO in October. eisner1.jpeg

As the L.A. Times notes today,

“That pay bump comes after Iger earned a $1.5-million salary, $7.7-million bonus and $500,000 restricted stock grant as Disney president, the No. 2 job, during the 2005 fiscal year ended Sept. 30. He also received stock options for 274,241 shares.

Departing CEO Michael Eisner didn’t do so badly himself, according to the filing. Eisner earned a $9.1-million bonus in the fiscal year, up from $7.2 million a year earlier, on top of his $1-million salary.”


Or put another way, Iger is making a little less than half of what it cost to defend the company’s decision to fire Michael Ovitz and pay him severance of $140 million.

With this in mind, Bob, FishbowlLA recommends you start concentrating on getting fired, as soon as humanly possible. Even if you have to pay Disney’s legal costs, you’ll still come out ahead by, oh, $136 million.

You might even get a talk show out of it.