Microsoft Says 10% Of Users Affected By Phone Update Problems

We are two full days into Microsoft’s first update for Windows Phone 7 and so far I have not received the update notification on my T-Mobile HTC HD7. Perhaps that is for the best given the problems other users are having with installing the update on their phones. Mary-Jo Foley has been able to get information regarding how many people are affected, and she has been told by Microsoft that 90% of the users who have tried to install the update have successfully installed it.

Microsoft is also saying that the problem appears to be contained to the Samsung brands of the phones, and that they have pulled the update for Samsung phones. However, Foley also has information provided to her by another source indicating that the update is still available for Samsung phones. Finally, Microsoft told Foley that if a user’s device is in an unrecoverable state they are to contact the mobile operator or device manufacturer.

Microsoft has also published a page on their support web site that has installation and troubleshooting steps for the update. The page contains a long list of possible error codes with recommend steps for each. Finally, the page contains instructions for restoring the phone to an earlier version of the operating system.

While the update issues are fresh, I think you can start to see the impact on Microsoft’s fragile smartphone reputation. James Kendrick has written an article titled “When System Updates Go Bad, The Platform Owns The Problem,” in which James basically tells Microsoft to stop the finger pointing. He writes “You made a big deal about taking control of the Windows Phone 7 update process, Microsoft, so you’d better step up for a quick resolution.”

Mary-Jo Foley has been seriously considering buying a Windows Phone since it launched, but she writes, “But in the four months since, I’ve begun to waver. And the latest back-and-forth over the first update for WP7 has made me increasingly WP7-shy.”