Microsoft CEO's Keynote Will Stream Live On Facebook

Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer's keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show will stream live on Facebook this evening.

This year you’ll be able to see some of what you’re missing if you’re not going to the Consumer Electronics Show: Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer’s keynote address will stream live on Facebook.

The presentation begins at 6:30 pm tonight in Las Vegas (that’s 9:30 pm for people on the east coast), and you need to “like” Microsoft’s Facebook page in order to see the stream.

If you’ve ever watched a Microsoft executive give a presentation at a techie conference, then you already know to expect some kind of forecast about the future of technology, followed by at least one new product announcement. The intended message always aims to convey the idea that the company is pioneering the next big thing.

We suspect the self-promotional part of the keynote may include a new or improved application that incorporates social media — perhaps the Facebook broadcast will be brought to us by new streamware embedded in Windows, another Microsoft product or through a vendor that’s a Microsoft partner. In other words, the streaming itself could be (part of) the product demo.

Do you agree with that expectation about the keynote? What do you expect to see in Microsoft’s livestream this evening? How much of the discussion will focus on social media?

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