Mickey’s Spooky Night Puzzle Book for iPad & iPhone Now Free!

Here’s an early treat for kids anticipating their once a year anonymous social networking event (Halloween). Disney’s Mickey’s Spooky Night Puzzle Book (iTunes App Store) dropped its price from 99 cents to free. Disney’s puzzle book apps for the iPhone and iPad follow a cookie cutter pattern that is a winning one for them. Each book provides a simple story line with limited motion on each page. Some pages have objects that can be collected. Other pages provide simple jigsaw puzzles for children to solve. The story is read out loud by default. However, this can be turned off or replaced by your own story reading.

As you might expect from Disney, the artwork and narration are excellent. The app has an excellent 4.5 star average customer rating (out of a possible 5). The current version (1.2) was updated just this week for iOS 5 compatibility.

The price (free) is right and just in time for Halloween. Have a safe and happy one!

Video courtesy of DisneyDigitalBooks