Mickey Mouse in the Presidio?

It’s true that the little ‘toon with big ears and his funny cohorts will be moving into the Presidio, according to a Preservation Online story. Workers are converting three structures in the Presidio, a National park, into the Walt Disney Family Museum. The San Francisco buildings had been vacant since 1994.

Apparently, two years ago, Disney’s daughter, Diane Miller and her spouse, Ron, asked Page & Turnbull to design a museum dedicated to her late father in Northern California, where she lives. Miller especially liked the Presido because her dad was a military buff and admired General Pershing, who was in charge of the Presidio. Besides, the buildings on the site strongly resembled Disney World’s Main Street.

Page & Turnbull is working closely with the Presidio Trust to maintain the buildings’ historic integrity. A 1897 barracks will serve as the exhibit hall. A 1904 gym will become offices and archives. A World War II-era munitions shed will shelter the museum’s mechanical systems.

So it looks like the world’s most famous mouse will be getting some mighty fine digs with grandiose views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay. He’d better learn how to handle the area’s earthquakes, but that’s the stuff of cartoons, right?