Mick Hodgson’s Terms and Conditions


As the first post-lunch speaker of the 2006 Y Conference, Michael Hodgson faced some technical difficulties that would have been disastrous were it not for one thing: every time his Keynote presentation failed, he’d have to quit out and press “play.” So on some subconscious level, audience was continually reminded of the conference theme (“Play”), and its ability to remedy almost any design problem.

Hodgson’s work at Ph.D has served surfer-chic Quiksilver, rocker David Byrne and knockout LA restaurant Father’s Office, but it’s the Ph.D Brit-pop personality that really offers its clients a unique design perspective. The essential tenets of this philosophy are gathered in a tiny book that Ph.D produced, Terms and Conditions.

Through Hodgson’s presentation, you see that his clients fit perfectly within his collection of hobbies–the cycling enthusiast sympathizes with Quiksilver’s athletes, the former DJ is drawn to music packaging–and Ph.D’s personal investment paired with visual wit infuses each piece with exceptional clarity. Hodgson keeps it casual like his idol Steve McQueen, aims for classic with a twist like his dear friend Paul Smith, and always, always makes time for tea.