Michelle Fields

Yesterday, we brought you a story about a series of web videos put out by the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation. They are using attractive women as presenters to try and sell their economic ideas. We also reported that the latest video featured Michelle Fields from The Daily Caller. The message we conveyed was that if female reporters want to be taken seriously, maybe they should focus on their reporting and not their sex appeal. And by the way, many of your conservative colleagues around town agree with us. One political reporter recently bumped for a TV spot for Fields wrote in to say, “Michelle Fields is like the case study of hot bimbo gets ahead of other people for her looks. So annoying.”

After we published our account yesterday, almost immediately, we were met with civil, thought-provoking debate points such as “Peter – you are a loser” and “Go fuck your couch.” Another lovely touch: My editor was called “a slut” by online apes who are too cowardly to attach their thoughts to a name. While we appreciate and expected some of this, we were still caught off guard by some of the reaction. For example, an anonymous fan of Michelle’s set up a fake twitter account in my name. And began tweeting (as me) about how much I loved Michelle Fields and how much I wanted to kiss her. It’s important to note that Michelle Fields was copied on those tweets, so she saw them. Moments later, the tweeter took on a nastier tone and spent his evening digging through my wife’s Facebook account. He tweeted pictures of my family. Called my wife a slut. Tweeted pictures of my children suggesting that they are abused. Gee, Michelle… Your fans really ARE creepy. All the while, Michelle is retweeting pictures, such as the one above, that her “fans” have made of her.

She also took the time to retweet someone comparing her to the late Ronald Reagan.

We aren’t holier than thou. We knew that using certain phrases would stir up a debate about sexuality and media. Our point was and remains this: If a female journalist wants to be taken seriously, maybe she shouldn’t retweet loads of compliments about how hot she is, or pictures of her exposed legs, or associate with a website that showcases sexuality as a main selling point when talking about the dangers of past economic models. And that’s met with attacks on 3-and 6-year-old children? And my wife?

Michelle Fields, where’s the outrage? Daily Caller, we know you don’t support children being exploited in journalistic battles. We know you’ve felt the pain of this exact scenario ever since BigGov Contributor Dan Riehl accused your own TV reporter Jeff Poor of molesting his 4-year-old niece. Michelle, if this is your most loyal fan base, you should be beyond concerned. And for God sakes, stop thanking them.