Michelle Fields Fan Club

Here we go again. We always thought that The Daily Caller’s Michelle Fields was her own biggest fan, but she seems to have found someone even more in love with her than herself. In a post on Facebook, Fields tells her fans to go follow a Twitter account that goes by @MFieldsFan. She says, “I’m actually unsure of who runs it, but they post all my TV appearances.” We took a look at the @MFieldsFan feed and it just tweets out the details of when Michelle will be on TV. It should come as a shock to absolutely no one that she was one of the first people to follow the account. It should also not come as a shock that, as of this writing, all 38 followers are male. Stanley, who has apparently been sniffing glue, writes, “I think you are wise beyond your age. I will follow you anywhere you appear.” We’ve previously reported that Fields might be on the lookout for an agent. At least she won’t need a publicist because she seems to be working overtime doing that job herself. She seems to be spending SO much time promoting herself, we’re told that Executive Editor of The Daily Caller, David Martosko, had to meet with Michelle to encourage her to put more time into, you know, her ACTUAL job of reporting for them.

We would also like to note that Michelle took our advice when we advised her to lose the Sally Jessy Raphael glasses. At the top left is her most recent Twitter avatar. Beside that is the montage of — who else? — herself that she posted on Facebook this week. She said she added 12 new photos to the album. THANKS Michelle!

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