Taking a Lunch Break

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The Lunch column with Diane Clehane will return on December 1, well rested from the Thanksgiving holiday and ready to chronicle all the lovelies who have rolled into  Michael’s. But ’til then, we’ll leave you with a taste of our most memorable sightings.

Oct 10, 2010: We spotted Patti Stanger of Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker pacing outside of Michael’s front window, screaming into her cellphone, stomping her feet and dropping f-bombs like there was no tomorrow.

July 21, 2010: Uber agent (and the real life inspiration for Jeremy Piven’s character on Entourage) Ari Emanuel. The infamous deal maker was sporting the shiniest shoes I’ve ever seen and, of course, a Bluetooth headset.

June 16, 2010: After making the rounds to check in with the regulars, I saw that Sopranos creator David Chase had slipped in practically unnoticed. What really caught my eye was the downright miserable expression on his face. Does this guy ever smile?

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