Michael Phelps Officially Most Popular Person on Facebook

Last week I wrote about Michael Phelps’ rapidly increasing popularity on Facebook as the company decided to assist Phelps by promoting his fan page on the top of Facebook. The end result is that Michael Phelps’ fan page has become the most popular page on Facebook, overtaking Obama now attracting over 1.425 million fans versus Barack who has over 1.389 million fans.

What does this mean for Michael Phelps? Well, first of all it means that a run as a Presidential candidate is now warranted. It also means that Phelps is sure to attract millions of dollars in sponsorships when he returns home from the Olympics. I contacted Barack Obama for comment but have yet to receive a response as he is busy preparing for his speech at the Democratic National Convention in Colorado this week.

Hey Barack, we’re not mad at you for not replying to our emails, we know you are busy trying to become the next President. Michael Phelps was at least kind enough to update with the following wall post on his profile:

Hey guys. Thanks so much for all the support – you guys are awesome! I know I haven’t been around lately (been a little busy), but I should be able to post some cool stuff now. Just to give you an update, I got to hang out in Beijing for a couple days once I finished up and met Kobe and Chris Paul. They’re definitely bringing home the gold. Now I’m on my way to London for the hand-off between Beijing and London. After that, well…just stay tuned.

Unfortunately the wall post was on his own wall, but we’ll accept that as though Phelps had contacted us directly! Congratulations to Phelps on becoming the most popular person on Facebook. We know that this is easily a bigger achievement then winning the most gold medals in a single Olympics ever.

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