Michael Musto, Blogger


Mama said wha-a-aat?! Legendary Village Voice columnist, FishbowlNY friend and self-described ”recovering TV-soundbyte whore,” Michael Musto today joins the ranks of bloggers. From his debut:

”So they dangled a few more clams in front of mama’s paws and suddenly she’s in the blogosphere! Yes, I’ll be going to that cliched place in your computer by pinching out a daily posting of mirth and mayhem-something wise and witty and astounding, yet not SO good it will blind you to the fact that there’s still an actual column coming every Wednesday. Maybe I’ll be tipping you off to items I’ll be developing in that very column or perhaps I’ll be serving bits of news and nonsense from the world of nightlife, entertainment, politics, and other people’s blogs. But whatever smug verbiage I’m selling, I want you to comment, bitch, moan, call me fat and ugly, and basically help me feel alive again.”

Ah, sweet Musto, Welcome to the jungle …

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